Everyday I keep thinking about things .. and these things usually happen to be covered in white fur, have an electric blue mane, and an unhealthy obsession with sunglasses.

Doba neurčitá a neviem či sa aj vôbec niekedy vrátim...:I

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10. července 2012 v 17:14 | Kristy |  Videos
Toto som pozerala dnes ráno s bratom. :D Haluz to je. :D Tie hlášky. xD Z ato video vďačím kamoške na DA. x3

*And you'll keep saying to yourself, I just don't know what went wrong!
*Now pardon me if I'm wrong. You see I'm not good at math. But I don't need to know what 2+2 is to whoop your ass!
*You got tricked by your sis, a chicken and a dictionary! - najlepšia!! xD If you know what I mean! xD
*So get your royal ass up and get your back of my farm!

Neviem, ale už asi po 10 x to pozerám. xD

*le Twilight - I got a dragon, U jelly?
*le me - I jelly! Very, very jelly! xDD

Pár mojich obľúbených hlášok. x3

*You say your spells are great and powerful? I learn from best. You're just a washed up Vegas reject who failed her magic test!
*Magic is my element! I do not be to be told!
*You're a faud; a bigger chicken than Scootaloo! - najlepšia xD
*I'll leave you so stunned, they'll send you back to magic kindergarten!
*Trix are for kids!



1 Derpy Derpy | 10. července 2012 v 18:30 | Reagovat

Hlavne Derpy to tam celé doplňovala xD

2 ~Dommie ~Dommie | Web | 11. července 2012 v 10:14 | Reagovat

Super videá :D:D

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